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I was feeling so great the other day, telling a friend about how I haven’t noticed the ‘usual’ back pain in the morning for weeks. Since I felt so well, and I have opportunity to get free lessons at Stowe Ski Resort, timing seemed perfect for snowboarding!

I went out on my own for a couple hours before the lesson, and fell a couple times, but was feeling pretty comfortable on the board. My lesson with Dolan was great, and he clued me in to a few of the tricks to riding. I tipped him $10 and decided I was ready for a bigger challenge; Upper Meadows!

Well, as one may guess, Upper Meadows was a little too advanced for my skill level. I made it down OK, but not without a couple hard falls. I caught the edge of the board once and managed to land on my shoulder pretty hard. I continued on for the day, on less technical terrain, learning a good lesson Dolan repeated many times; “the board is least stable going dowhill sideways”.

So, afterwards I could barely move my shoulder at all, and it was very sore to the touch. At yoga the next day I could barely lift my arms over my head, which helped me relate to a fellow practitioner, John, who has serious shoulder issues. Gradually, after several days it has improved, but it is still tender, and a constant reminder to “listen to instructions the first time”!

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