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Completed First Week

Its Saturday and I am sitting at a coffee shop in Manhattan Beach on a beautiful spring day in California. We had yoga in the torture chamber this morning at 8:00 AM for 90 minutes which was all that was required for the day! My roommate John and I had a huge breakfast at Denny’s, then went down to the beach to check out all the high end beach houses and watched the suited surfers in the chilly water catching the nice mellow waves drifting in.

In looking back at the last week I have a couple thoughts about the physical and mental growth I have had in this short time. Physically I have found that yoga in the hot room twice a day isn’t as exhausting as I thought it might be. Matter of fact, I find it almost necessary after sitting in a classroom for 4 hour stretches! I find I am already gaining flexibility I thought I would never have. I am closer to touching my toes with locked knees than I ever have been. The issues with the back of my right knee have almost completely disappeared, while my shoulder issue is still a work in process.

As far as the mental part, learning to being patient, and going with the flow. I, and others I have spoken to, have been frustrated with some of the logistics; listening one by one to everyone practice in front of Bikram, unpredictability of the class schedule, and putting together a routine for food and other essentials. As time has gone on I have found I am more and more accepting and I am really enjoying all aspects of the training.

Here are a couple of events this week that were very enjoyable, and that I don’t want to forget. As I mentioned, we are required to coach 3 individuals through a memorized script/dialogue to Bikram Choudrey (the man who designed this whole program). The presentation was to have the demonstrators bend to the right for several seconds and I forgot two lines towards the end. So instead of keeping them in the bending posture for too long by starting over, I said; “and I forgot a couple lines, so please return to the middle”. Bikram chuckled and said “good job”. I think he let me off easy because he had already listened to over 200 people, and the person (Catherine, a professional singer) prior to me had sang an opera song for him!

The other funny funny thing is Bikram’s sense of humor, and his very quick wit. He stated that he has to sleep in order to rest his voice, because when he is awake he is always talking, and I believe him! During yoga one evening I was off to the side of the podium he teaches from and he saw that I needed some correction for the Cobra Pose. He said my shoulders were too far forward and told me to do it again while everyone else (426 people) rested. After I completed the posture to his satisfaction, he said he was being tough on me and everyone because, “you didn’t pay for cheesecake, you paid for nails, so I give you nails”. This and several other comments through class had me laughing throughout the rest of class! At some point I hope to put up some of the other comments of his that have the crowd laughing thoughout the day, he seems to have an endless supply!

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  1. meimei
    April 24, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Nice writing Mike! Have never seen you write this long. Keep on!

  2. Saleha
    April 25, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Focusing on your posture with 426 eyes fixated on you sounds very intense. I’d be peeing in my pants….You go Mike! Proud of ya!

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