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Week Four Over

May 15, 2011 2 comments

It is Sunday, end of week four of yoga training and I am finally sitting down with Blackberry forcing myself to write something. Today I am going to study some then off to a Dodgers game with some friend I met here.

The last three weeks have been quite busy and definitely had there upas and downs. Not having to memorize anything for years was one of my first obstacles to overcome.

We have a series of 26 posture scripts to memorize and then present in front of our small group and visiting teachers. It takes me a couple of hours to memorize the script, and then try to get with a group to practice several times. No matter how comfortable I am in practice, getting in front of the group still gets me nervous, but I am improving! We have finished five postures with 21 to go, so there is plenty of time to practice yet.

Bikram Choudrey, the man who started this type of yoga practice was back in town at the end of this week. He came and spoke, ran a class, and showed a movie of an old Indian myth. I think the book might be a lot better than the movie, because there really isn’t much acting going on, and the whole screenplay is lacking in all aspects. But very insightful to learning more about Indian culture and history.
I continue to be impressed with the pople involved in teaching and learning this hot yoga. We had a man from Las Vegas, Joh Satritori(sp?), who has had both hips replaced, is a lead person in Jersey Boys, and is one of the funniest people I have met, teach the other day. He had us all in stiches as we went through the 90 minutes in the heat.

Off to some quick study and then a little baseball, go Dodgers!

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