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End of Week 6

May 30, 2011 2 comments

Well, it is 11:30PM on a Sunday, and for the first time I feel like I have time to sit down and type something up. With all the memorizing, classes, yoga classes, and putting meals together I haven’t spent more than 30 minutes on my computer in the last 2 weeks! I finally feel as if I am in a place where I am comfortable with the memorizing of the scripts (dialogues) we have to present each day. I haven’t worked this hard on memorizing ever in my life, and it has taken a little while to get a good system together.

Basically, the way it works is that we get up around 7 AM, go to hot yoga class for 90 minutes and then have a couple hours to eat and prepare for our next presentation. The presentations are where we recite the script, with energy, in front of 40 others and then get critiqued by visiting volunteer teachers. After 4 hours of us going one by one, we then go to our next yoga class at 5 PM. After the class we have a couple hours to eat and prepare. At 9 PM we start the next class which goes until 11 or 12 depending on how much we need to get done. Normally, I study a little after the class and then get to bed around 1AM. Every day of the week for the last 3 weeks has been pretty much as explained, with some other classes about Anatomy, Pain, Alternative Health, and History of Yoga mixed in. So my roommate and I often look at each other and ask, “haven’t we done this before?”, a lot like Groundhog Day.

The benefits of the training are going beyond my expectations, and some are surprising me. As I mentioned about getting a system together for memorizing. Prior to coming in I really didn’t grasp how difficult the memorizing would be, and kind of shrugged it off. I have never seen myself as someone who was good at memorizing, and assumed I never could be. However, with the right techniques, some strong focus, and the right attitude, I do believe anyone can memorize well. At first I only worked on one script at a time, this weekend we worked on four! Another suprise was the amount of confidence we are all building by presenting to each other. The support of fellow team members is incredible, and the visiting teachers offer an assortment of suggestions, insights, and great role playing opportunities to “come out of your shell”.

Finally, I still cannot get over how great of a community this is. The over 400 teacher trainees are from all over the world, and are really passionate about yoga. Everyone has a great story of how they started, and of someone they have practiced with who has benefited from yoga. My roommate John has practiced over 6 years and credits yoga with his ablity to walk without a cane he now uses to hang laundry. Others credit the yoga for weight loss, helping them during times of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, and general well being. I am seeing this as a great community to be in touch with for a long, long time.

Three more weeks left, so the time is really short, I plan to really “take it in” and enjoy it while it lasts! Hope all is well in your area of the world!


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